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Getting to our Ithaca location:

The official address of the building we’re in is 118 N. Tioga Street and the building is called TC3 Tioga Place.

It’s wheelchair accessible. It’s in downtown Ithaca at the corner of Seneca St. and N. Tioga St., which is at the north end of Bank Alley on the Commons, right next to the new Bernie Milton Pavilion. It contains M&T Bank on the ground floor. We’re right across the street from a sheltered bus stop which is a main hub location for pretty much all of the TCAT buses that go downtown. If you drive, you can find nearby paid parking in the Seneca St. parking garage or on a street, or you can park for free a few blocks away a little further from the core of downtown.

Finding our suite (here are directions, because some people find it a little confusing):

Don’t come into the bank entrance; instead, walk a few steps to the left to the building’s main entrance on Bank Alley; there's an ATM next to the door. Come on up to the 4th floor either by elevator or the stairs (the door to the stairs is to the right of the elevators). When you get off at the 4th floor, you'll think you're in the wrong place, because you'll be in the beautiful lobby of the Brown & Michael's law firm, and it looks like they occupy the whole floor. However, if you look to your left, you'll see a set of double doors with windows to a small hallway with the restrooms and water fountain. Go through the doors and past the restrooms to the end of the hall. There's a sign on the door with "Suite 401" and our names, along with the names of our two subletters. Inside our suite, you’ll find a comfortable waiting room with three rooms off it. You may be curious about who’s in the extra room in our suite—we sublet that room to a social worker friend of ours, Elizabeth (Betsy) Strayhorn, LCSW-R. And our other subletter, Sarah Markowitz, Ph.D., uses my room one day per week while I'm in Elmira.