An appointment is a commitment to our work, and a cancelled appointment delays our work. Please prioritize our appointments, even if our work is emotionally challenging, because that work is important. When you must cancel, please give me as much notice as you can. I reserve the right to charge for appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, as well as for no-shows. My charge for the business interruption of missed sessions is $60, which is far less than my full session fee, but it is not simply your co-pay or co-insurance amount. It’s important for you to know that insurance companies will not pay for missed sessions, so you yourself will be responsible for any of those $60 business interruption charges.

That being said, however, there are circumstances in which I will waive the missed session charge. If you’re ill and think you may be contagious, I’d prefer that you cancel, both to take care of yourself and to avoid potentially spreading your illness! Of course in that situation I won’t charge you. Otherwise, though, if you cancel with short notice, or you don’t show up for your appointment, I’ll phone you to talk with you about the circumstances. If we can find a time to reschedule before the weekend, I’ll waive your missed session fee, although if you no-show or cancel the rescheduled appointment, I will charge you for that second missed session. If we agree that something unavoidable and unpredictable prevented you from keeping your appointment, I’ll generally waive your fee. If that happens on a frequent or repeated basis, though, I’d like for us to talk about whether you are able to commit to being in therapy at this time; perhaps you should take a break from it.