“Therapy can provide a space to solve problems and heal wounds. It can be a place of hope and new beginnings. Within a trusting, collaborative relationship with the right therapist, it can provide structure for people to build strengths, support, and resources, and to discover solutions. It can also be a place to continue to grow and to learn more about yourself.” – Dr. Keely Kolmes - Website: http://drkkolmes.com/)

I offer individual counseling to adults and older adolescents (ages 16 and up). Unfortunately, I am not able to work with children and younger teens.

In individual therapy, we can talk privately and build a relationship of healing, trust, and teamwork. This gives you a safe place to shed light on the conditions and situations in your life that are getting in the way of you living the way you truly want to live. Then, we’ll come up with steps you can take to clear up confusion, develop your coping skills, and solidify your strengths.

Counseling sessions are 45 minutes, which allows me a little time between clients to finish notes about our session and get ready for my next client.

Some people are able to make and implement a plan to feel better quickly, and other people stay in therapy a long time. I am happy with either a short-term, or a long-term, therapy process – whichever we decide will produce the best outcome for you.