We believe strongly in the importance of informed consent, which means that you get to find out (that’s the “informed” part) what you’re agreeing to participate in (that’s the “consent” part). Thus, we have several informational documents that we’d like you to read before your first session, in order to give you thorough understanding about what it’s like to work with our office. Also, we have a few forms for you to fill out and sign, some of which you need to complete before or at your first session, and others which might be relevant after you’ve gotten started with us.
If you don’t have access to a printer, we can provide copies of the documents and forms you need prior to your first session. When you and George talk on the phone to schedule your first appointment, he will ask you if you need to use our printed documents and forms, and if you do will offer to mail them to you, or get them to you in another manner.